All Offices @MD

  • Director, Procurement and Property Administration office
  • Director, Human Resource Development and administration office
  • Director, Engineering & General service office
  • Director, Students’ Service office
  • Director, Finance and Budget office

a. Head, Procurement Administration office
b. Head, Property Administration office

a. Head, Academic human resource development & administration Office
b. Head, Administrative human resource development & administration Office

a. Head, Facility maintenance and General Service office
b. Head, Construction and contract administration office
c. Head, Class Room Management office
d. Head, Cleaning and Campus Beautification office

a. Head, Student Dormitory Service office
b. Head, Student Cafeteria Service office
c. Head, Student Clinic Service office
d. Head, Cost sharing service office
e. Head, Students Entertainment service office

a. Head, Recurrent and capital budget administration office
b. Head, Project finance budget administration office
c. Head, Finance and budget control office