About Ethiopian Journal of Education and Sciences of Jimma University

All academic staff of JU in general, education and science professionals in particular, are responsible to guide their students practice of research undertakings both in group tasks during Community Based Education (CBE) and Developmental Team Training Program (DTTP) and independent Student Research Project SRP) at senior level in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation. Through these strategies of Community Based Education (CBE), the academic staff are expected to closely guide and support their students to conduct scientific research work following all the steps that are necessary for a scientific research project. To do this, all the academic staffs are required to engage themselves in research works to enrich their knowledge and skills in these issues so that they could be ahead of their students on the one hand, and to meet one of the three goals of the University, which are academic activities, research work and service provision, on the other. Hence the need for a forum for research output dissemination locally as well as internationally is highly required implying the emergence of the journal as one possible media.

After making serious investigation on the experience of other senior Universities and Institutions on research dissemination forum, with particular emphasis to journal, the Ethiopian Journal of Education and Sciences was officially launched in 2005. The launching of the same journal was supported and endorsed by the University Academic and Research Vice President and the then JU-RPO.

From the very name of the journal, the initiation and hosting responsibility was taken by the then Faculty of Education which comprised the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, department of Pedagogy and steams. Currently, the former departments of Faculty of Education are re-organized into two colleges and an institute: College of Natural Sciences, College of Social sciences & Law (Law was independent faculty by then) and Institute of Education & Professional Development inline with the new University Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) Structure. Although management of the Journal is currently under the custody of College of Natural Sciences, the forum is still the property of these three entities running in a team.

Accordingly, from among the five editorial board members two are from Natural Sciences, two from Pedagogy and one from Social Sciences (language). Similarly, from among the five assistant editors of the journal, two are from Natural Sciences, two from Social Sciences, and one from Pedagogy. This mix is assumed to be consistent provided that the seniority of the members meet the criteria (the academic rank requirement).