Message from the Dean

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) of Jimma University. The College of Social Sciences and Humanities was restructured in its present form in 2015. Since 2009 until July 2015, it was known as the College of Social Sciences and Law, which consisted of the former two different faculties:  Humanities and Law. Some departments also joined the then College of Social Sciences and Law from the former faculty of education. Currently, CSSH has nine departments and the School of Social Work. With the exception of the School of Social Work, Department of Music and Theater Arts, the remaining departments in this college are running both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Besides, the college has more than 7000 students who are admitted in regular, week-end, summer, evening and distance programs. Over the last ten years, the college has graduated thousands of professionals across various programs.

The CSSH has nearly 300 academic and supportive staffs, and this makes the college to be one of the largest colleges in Jimma University, offering a broad range of degree options, research opportunities, short-term training and consultancy services. The presence of different programs and disciplines in the college has created ample opportunity for interdisciplinary research.  On top of this, all our undergraduate curricula are modularized. In addition,  Community Based Education (CBE), which is the philosophy of Jimma University, has enabled us to widen  the breadth and depth of coverage of programs offered by the college, thereby  enabling us to prepare our students to cope up with the opportunities and challenges in the changing world.

The college has shown remarkable changes in enhancing its staff profile during the last few years by extensively implementing the staff development plan. Currently, about 23% of its staff has terminal degree. This will further be advanced within the coming few years, for significant number of our academic staff is on PhD study leave. Remarkable change pertaining to research endeavors has also been registered.  In this regard, the college has implemented thematic research approach that will take us to the right direction in which researchers save time, resources and energy.  And the research outputs have been become more focused and effective in proving its relevance locally, nationally and internationally. Currently, the college is hosting “Ethiopian Journal of Social Sciences and Language Studies”, a peer reviewed journal, which is an additional opportunity for its staff and others to publish their research reports.

The college is also continuously working to improve necessary facilities for its students and staff, aiming at creating of favorable teaching-learning environment. To this end, our class room facilities, computer labs, internet services and libraries are being continuously improving. Because of the commitment of top management of the Jimma University, shortages of class rooms and offices are being gradually solved. The college is committed to move forward for the betterment of the country in general, and Jimma University in particular.

Finally, the college invites you to look at the WebPages of our departments, and other offices found in the college so as to find more and detailed information about  our programs and to learn more about us. If you have any query about how our programs can help you meet your personal, professional and academic goals, please feel free to contact us. Meanwhile, we wish you every success in seeking a quality educational experience and in achieving your professional aspirations.


Dejene Gemechu Chala (PhD, Associate professor of Social Anthropology)
Dean, College of Social Sciences and Humanities
PO Box: 387 Jimma University, Ethiopia
Tell:-+251 047 112 24 32 (Office)
Fax:-+251 047 112 24 33