Masters program

  • MA in TEFL (english)
  • MA in History
  • MA in Engish Literature
  • Master Of Arts Degree In Oromo Language And Literature (Teaching)
  • MA in Amharic Language & Literature (Teaching)
  • MA in Applied Linguistics and Development Communications
  • MA in Applied Linguistics in Ethiopian Languages & Cultural Studies
  • MA in Broadcast Journalism
  • MA in Development Anthropology and Indigenous Knowledge 
  • MA in Ethiopian Literature & Folklore
  • MA in Intercultural Communications and Public Diplomacy
  • MA in Land Resource Analysis & Management
  • MA in Oromo Folklore & Cultural Studies
  • MA in Print and Online Journalism
  • MA in Public Relations and Corporate Communications 
  • MA in Social Anthropology
  • MA in Socio-cultural Linguistics
  • MA in Sociology & Family studies
  • MA in Sociology (Specialization in Social policy)
  • MA in Social Work
  • MA in Urban and Regional Development Planning
  • MSc in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing (GIS)
  • PhD in History
  • PhD  in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)

Undergraduate program