The Department of Ethiopian Language(s) and Literature- Amharic is one of the departments under the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. It was established, as one of the departments under the Faculty of Education, after its birth from the Department of English in the year 2003 (1995 E.C). The department has been running a BA and MA programs for regular, summer and distance programs. In the past ten years more than 1000 students are graduated in the regular and summer programes from the department. The graduates are working in different regions and sectors on diiferent fields.

Recently, the department has been launched two postgraduate programs namely  M.A in Amharic Language and Literature Teaching Curriculum and MA in Applied Linguistics in Ethiopian Languages and Cultural Studies (Amharic).Both programs are targated to produce well equped professionals one in teaching Amharic by increasing their knowledge of Amharic language instructional theory and practice and fills the gap by training Etiopian Languages and Litrature (Amharic) who can describe languages, explain language teaching and lerning methodology, develop writing systems, prepare dictionaries, write  language syllubus, textboooks and premiers and the otherone provides research skills and methods in Ethiopian languages and culture studies. Having this fact, the department of Ethiopian Language and Literature- Amharic planned to train and educate the learners who join the department as per the university and Ministry of Education Universities admission requirements. In order to do so, the needs of different resources and facilities are unquestionable. Accordingly, to run the program the department of Ethiopian Language and Literature- Amharic consists of staffs that include one PhD and eleven MA holders (8 of them are PhD candidates at Addis Ababa University).