Background of Music Department

Music is an important aspect of life and culture. It is a significant means of expressing and interpreting human experience, whose activity involves the whole person; physical, mental, spiritual, economic and social. Music education is one of the many means, which people have created, for building of a society where the harmonious blending of the physical, spiritual and mental makes all people equal member of the collective. Music education is also important for cultural transmission. However it demands conscious learning of a wide range of materials and skills, which cannot be acquired by the individual in the normal process of enculturation.
Today newly established Department of Music in Jimma University, is ready to produce skilled manpower in music  fields of studies, such as music performers, researchers, analysts, teachers, theoreticians, Music journalists, music producers, organizers, arrangers, music composers, managers and consultants in policy making in the area of music based on the felt needs of stakeholders and the local market, like Schools, Cultural offices, Teachers Training Colleges(TTC), Musical bands, Radio and Television centers, Film production companies…etc.
There are very few institutions of music in the country that offering music education. Yet, these do not satisfy the demand aimed at music professionals. Therefore, launching the Music department at Jimma University at a degree level is sensible and imperative to meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders. It is believed that the graduates of the Music Department of JU will supply the trained manpower demands of the local institutions on the bases of their fields of specialization.

Contact address:

  • Department of Music 
  • Tele: +251-047 211 54 78
  • Place: Main Campus 
  • P. O. Box 378
  • Jimma University, College of Social Sciences and Humanities