Student Demographics

Existing Student Population and Intake Capacity

The first batch of its regular program (40 in number) graduated in the 2009/10 academic year, the first of its kind in the history of not only Jimma University but also Ethiopia. The second batch (66 in number) graduated in 2010/2011. The third from regular (60 in number) and the first from evening (32 in number) graduated in 2011/12. The fourth batch from the regular (38 in number) and the second from evening 37 in number graduated in 2012/13. Now two different batches (about 150 in number) are attending classes in the regular session and three batches (about 150 in numbers) in the evening session. The department is gradually gaining understanding from the community in general and from the students in particular. It has become one of the preferred fields in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities that students join competitively based on their choices.

Activities of GC

Our department GC students actively involved in all activities with other department including electing GC committee, discussing about graduating bulletin, banner, graduating T-shirt and etc.     

Projects Performed by Students

The students of the department Collect Oromo Oral Narrative and Oromo Oral Poetry by classifying, analyzing and interpreting in Oromo Oral Narratives and narration course and in Oromo Oral Poetry and poetizing in Oromo course respectively which are used as teaching material by   the staff of the department.