Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) Coordinating Office

 About CDE  

Continuing and Distance Education (shortened as CDE) Coordinating Office of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities was established in 2002 E.C (2009) when Jimma University restructured itself into colleges and institutes. Currently, the Office coordinates different programs in the summer-in-service, distance, weekend, and evening programs in EIGHT departments both at first (BA, LLB) and second degree level (MA, LLM). 

General Information   

College of Social Sciences and Humanities Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) Coordinating Office is one of several CDE offices serving the community by providing education in different modalities. The College CDE aspires to be a leading coordinating office that will achieve all-round effectiveness and efficiency. It aims to maximize the University’s income through the involvement of large number of students by providing quality education in eight programs.

Currently, it runs summer-in service, weekend, distance, and evening programs.  In addition to the expansion of the accessibility of education through the aforementioned modalities, the Office is working hard to open other important modalities of delivering education, namely e-learning.

At present,  the office is coordinating the teaching-learning process for:

  •  1632 students in the summer in-service program at undergraduate level
  •  241 students in the evening program at undergraduate level
  •  6,745 students in the distance program at undergraduate level
  •  23 Masters degree in week-end program in Law and Governance
  • 183 masters degree in the summer-in-service program
CDE Facilities
The Office has full right to use classrooms and resources, human powers (both administrative and professional) and it has well developed modules to deliver courses in distance form. 


The CDE is now coordinating:
I.    Four evening programs at undergraduate level, namely

  • Sociology
  • Oromo Folklore and Literature.

 II.    Six different summer in-service programs at undergraduate level, namely

  •          Amharic Language and Literature
  •          Afan Oromo Language and Literature
  •          English language and Literature
  •          Geography and Environmental Studies
  •          History and Heritage Management

III.  Eight different distance programs at undergraduate level, namely

  •          Afan Oromo Language and Literature
  •          English Language and Literature
  •          Amharic Language and Literature
  •         Sociology
  •          Geography and Environmental studies
  •          History and Heritage Management

IV. Four different Summer-in-service programs at masters degree level, namely

  •          English
  •          History
  •          Afan Oromo Language and Literature

Objectives of the Programs

The coordinating office aims to maximize the availability of education through different modalities so that people of various situations will have the opportunity offered by education.  ‘Time and location shall not be barriers to interested learners!’


Unless a student is sponsored by the government or other organizations, s/he is required to cover all tuition fees and food and housing payments:

  •   The tuition fee for evening program students is 65 Birr/credit hour
  •   The tuition fee for summer in-service program students is 78 Birr/credit hour
  •   The tuition fee for distance program students is 65 Birr/credit hour
  • The tuition fee for MA program students is 500 birr/credit hour  

Details of each program can be found from the respective department programs.


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