Library, Computer, Internet and Other Resources

Jimma University’s library facilities that are directly relevant to our staff and students are the Social Sciences Library (SSL) and Education Library (EL). However, due to the nature of the field, relevant resources both for the staff and students of the Department are also available in other libraries.

The libraries provide a wide range of resources and services including reference books, bound periodicals, current periodical subscriptions and various media items. There are also Internet and periodical rooms to serve the students. Computer and Internet resources are found in all buildings except classrooms.  Besides this, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities has a computer laboratory which students of the Department of Oromo Folklore and Literature use for training in some of the specific courses and their general courses. The Department is in the process of arranging further facilities. 

With the cooperation of college and university administrative bodies, many audio-visual instruments have been bought for the purposes of offering courses, namely Skills in Cultural Documentation I and II as well as Documenting Oromo Cultural Occasions.