Individual staff Profile

Name:Gudeta Kebede Asfaw
Department  :  Governance and Development Studies
Qualifications  : 

  • MA in International Relations;
  • BA in Political Science and International Relations (major), Public Administration

Academic Rank  :  Lecturer
Specialisation :   International relations
Research interest :

  • Democratisation
  • Political parties
  • Electoral system
  • Foreign policy analysis
  • Human security
  • Political culture and political participation
  • Institutional checks and balances

List of publications :

  • Individual Political Security: A Comparative Case Study of Ethiopia and the Sudan. 
  • A Pair of Opposite Security Issues in the Horn of Africa: Human Security verse Regime Security in Ethiopia and the Sudan.
  • An Assessment of Legally registered Oppositions Political Parties In Ethiopia.
  • The Impact of Political Corruption on the Good governance experience of Ethiopia.

E-mail :
Phone No.  :  0911672920
P.O. Box  :  26118
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia