Fekadu Tolossa Ayanie

College  :  Social Science and Law
Department  :  Governance and Development Studies
Qualifications :

  • MA in Regional & Local Development Studies;
  • BA in political Science & International Relations

Academic Rank :   Lecturer
Specialisation  :  Regional and local development
Research Interest  :  Political economy
List of Publications  : 

  • ETHIOPIA, THE POLITICS OF DEVELOPMENT: Looking into Some Projects of the Dergue Regime among the Arsi Oromo of Bale Region in View of an Endogenous Perspective. VDM: Berlin (2011).GUMAATA (Oromo Poetry). Addis Ababa: Zesalyoh PLC (2011)
  • AKKUMA BEEKAMU (Oromo Poetry, Forthcoming)

E-mail : fekadutolossa@gmail.com
Phone No.  :  0912851388
Jimma , Ethiopia