MA Programme In History

General Objectives
The general objective of the graduate history programme is to produce highly qualified professionals specialising in the modern and contemporary history of Ethiopia in general and in the south, west and south-western half of Ethiopia in particular. 
Specific Objectives
Specific objectives of MA program in History are:

  •  to produce skilled professionals equipped with the necessary methodology of undertaking historical research
  • to train competent teachers who are able to teach history at both graduate and post-graduate levels 
  • to help graduate students identify research problems  and develop interest in such areas as the Gibe region and other parts of the southwest 
  • to train competent professionals who could organise and manage museums, archival centers, historical sites and other public institutions.

Entry Requirements
Applicants to the graduate programme are required to:

  • have a BA/B-Ed degree in History, Geography and Environmental Studies,  Political Sciences and International Relations, Law, Civic and Ethics, and be able to provide official documents to attest to this
  • have the minimum grade in Senior Essay or Action Research paper upon completion of BA/B.Ed
  • produce a letter of sponsorship (for sponsored students only)
  • produce letters of recommendation 
  • pass the entrance exam given by the Department 
  • meet other requirements set by the department, JU or the Ministry of Education. 

Graduate Profile

Graduates that accomplish their training at JU in history are expected to be competent professionals who could undertake research on different historical issues. They could also take different social and political responsibilities in their country and elsewhere in the world at various levels and should be able to teach at schools and higher institutions as instructors among other roles. They should also be able to identify problems and take part in multi-disciplinary undertakings with other professionals, as well as consulting on the background of any issue as we can learn from past experiences.  

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