BA Programme in History and Heritage Management

General Objectives of the Department
In this new curriculum, the courses of study are developed and structured in such a way that students will acquire basic knowledge of the historical material in some depth, engage in the exercise of critical thinking about historical themes and issues and develop skills of identifying and solving historical problems through methodological research.
Specific Objectives
 Some of the specific objectives of the Department of History are:

  • To train full-fledged researchers committed to the discipline of history so as to tackle the problems of society using the potential and possibilities embedded in the profession of histor
  • To produce skilled personnel and professionals who can carry out research in the political, economic, social and cultural history of Ethiopia
  • To produce professionals who are well-versed in various aspects of the past, especially of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa (including the environmental, political, economic, social, ethnographic dynamics and intricacies in the region)  
  • To produce scholars within the tradition of tolerance towards the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country
  • To create professionals with clear worldviews and the ability to relate their profession to local, regional, national, and international dynamics and realities and to train students who can draw on a good knowledge of history for the benefit of posterity.

Admission Requirements    
The criteria for admission will be the successful completion of preparatory school and scoring the minimum grade required by the Ministry of Education to join universities.

Graduate Profile

Graduates in history are equipped with good knowledge of history and the skills for carrying out research that will enable them to:

  • Undertake scientific research in historiography and the historical issues of Ethiopia and its people
  • Represent the Ethiopian intellectual community in national, continental and international forums
  • Provide consultancy services to government, private and civic associations on the historical and cultural aspects of developmental activities and policy formulation efforts
  • Carry out research on historical themes and issues that enlighten the Ethiopian people
  • Engage in exercises of critical thinking about historical themes and issues as well as to develop skills of identifying and solving historical problems 
  • Play an active role in society as a citizen with a keen sense of time and appreciation of the forces of change
  • Reflect a balanced outlook for mosaic societies and cultural elements of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

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