About the Department

The undergraduate program was commenced in 1998 E.C (2005/2006) at Jimma University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (currently College of Social Sciences and Law) by the name of Sociology and Social Administration. The program was initiated as part of the expansion of the university and the need for skilled professionals to improve the socio-economic conditions of the country. Latter it was realized that the nomenclature of the program as “Sociology and Social Administration” which was directly copied from Addis Ababa University was less appropriate because only few courses related to Social Administration were included in the curriculum. Moreover, a composite degree of Sociology and Social Work was thought to be more appropriate so as to equip the graduates with both strong societal knowledge and intervention skills. The revision was made to integrate the theoretical knowledge from the field of Sociology with the social work practice from Social Work.  Consequently, the department revised its curriculum in March 2007 and renamed as Sociology and Social Work.