Historical Background

The establishment of the department of HSM can be traced back to 1983 G.C. with the birth of the then Jimma Institute of Health Sciences (JIHS). The very beginning of the establishment of JIHS is marked as a continuation of the Ras Desta Damtew Health Assistant Training School established in 1967 by the Ethio-Netherlands health project in the premises of Jimma Hospital. On this foundation, the School of Nursing was established in 1983. Subsequently, the School of Medicine as well as the School of Pharmacy emerged in 1985; the School of Medical Laboratory Technology and the School of Environmental Health launched in 1987 and 1988 respectively.

Since the birth of the then Institute, HSM course is one of the core public health courses that is being given for all of the public health as well as medical fields of study. However, its establishment beyond a course and then a unit is of recent duration which is associated with the progress of the current Jimma University from the then JIHS in December 1999. HSM as a course or unit had been coordinated under the then Community Health Program of JIHS.

Objective of the Department:
The department intended to produce a community based task oriented high caliber professionals in; health service management, hospital & healthcare administration and monitoring & evaluation of health programs who can effectively run and provide decisive leadership to health service organizations and related health care institutions. We believe that by producing well trained health service managers, administrators and evaluators; the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the health service delivery of the country will improve. Moreover, the program provides opportunities for students and staff to engage in applied research and consultancy activities on key health system issues of the country to promote the development of professional management in the health sector.

Organization of the Department
The HSM department is one of the departments in the college of public health and medical sciences of Jimma University. The department has Health Services Management, Health Economics and Financing, Public Health Laws and Ethics and Health Policy Analysis units that provide various courses to undergraduate and graduate students in Public Health and Medical Sciences fields.
The department has the following post graduate training programs:

  • Health Services Management,
  • Hospital & Healthcare Administration
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Health Programs

At the undergraduate level, the department provides health planning, health services management, health economics and health ethics and public health laws to Medical Students, Health Officers, Health Education & Health Promotion, Environmental Health, Nursing, Dentistry, Anesthesia, Ophthalmology, Lab technology and Pharmacy students.
It has a council composed of all academic staff which regularly meets fortnightly.