About the Department

Department of Epidemiology is one of the departments under the college of Public Health and Medical Sciences in Jimma University. It has direct functional relationship with the Postgraduate, Research, and CBE Coordination Office and Administrative Team under the college. In addition the department has collateral relationship with other departments within the college.

Historical Backgroundof the Department
The then Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics was established in 1997. Graduate program (including MPH in Epidemiology) was launched in 2004. Until 2009, the department was under Public Health Faulty. In 2010 the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics was restructured under the reform/BPR to the Department of Epidemiology. During this “critical event”, the department as shared its “Vital Organ.” New employees as well as staff coming from continuing education will be assigned to the Statistics Department while the already Biostatistics instructors are retained mostly for graduate program.


To see developed Ethiopia by its healthy and productive citizens through the efforts of competent professionals which acquire skills and knowledge from the department.

The mission of the department is to give appropriate trainings that equip students and other organization staffs with relevant and applicable knowledge and skill integrated with services as part of disposing national and international responsibilities in producing skilled human resources render service and participate in research undertakings.

To achieve its mission, the department has the following objectives:
1.    To train individuals for common course and professional career in epidemiology, biostatistics, research methods, disease control and prevention and disaster management through graduate degree program, and to further educate individuals in the public health forces by enhancing their knowledge and skills to solve community problems.
2.    To conduct basic and applied research pertinent to priority public health problems
3.    To play active participatory role in community activities and give professional support in emergency and epidemic situationsThe values which under-gird the vision and mission of the department fundamentally derive from the belief that the department is a combination of scholars drawn together to further knowledge and action in public health.  These values include the following:
•    Unequivocal individual and department excellence in every area of the department mission

•    A scholarly and learning environment
•    A sense of community and active collegiality among faculty, staff and students by open communication at all levels.
•    The ability to make a contribution to society through individual and department initiatives.
•    A strong commitment to ethics as a base for the profession of public health
The department strives for a balance between teaching and research; to build a strong internal community among students, staff, and the faculty; to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship within the department and between departments and the larger university; to build a supportive infrastructure, and to develop strong external relationships to public health programs and practitioners in the community.
Department structure

Currently, the department is under the college of public health and medical sciences of Jimma University. All programs of the department are run by five course teams as depicted in the following table:
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