Academic Degrees

The college has the following departments:

1.    Biomedical Department 
2.    Epidemiology Department
3.    Health Service Management Department
4.    Health Education and Behavioral Sciences Department
5.    Population and Family Health Department
6.    Internal Medicine Department
7.    Surgery Department
8.    Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
9.    Pediatrics and Child Health Department
10.    Dentistry Department
11.    Ophthalmology Department
12.    Psychiatry Department
13.    Anesthesia Department
14.    Nursing  Department
15.    Pharmacy Department
16.    Environmental Health Sciences Department
17.    Radiology Department
18.    Medical Laboratory & Pathology Department

The college runs the following academic programs at undergraduate and graduate levels under the aforementioned deparments. 

A. Undergraduate Programs

Coming Soon

  • BSc, Emergency and Intensive Care Nursing
  • BSc, Medical Radiology Technology
  • BSc, Physiotherapy

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

Coming Soon

  • Subspecialty certificate in pediatric surgery
  • Subspecialty certificate in Pediatric Oncology
  • Subspecialty certificate in traumatology 
  • Subspecialty certificate in Gastroenterology
  • Subspecialty certificate in Nephrology
  • Subspecialty certificate in Cardiology
  • Subspecialty certificate in Laparoscopy 
  • Masters of Science in Anatomy
  • Masters of Science in Biochemistry