Motto and Principles
  1. Accept the role of health research as a catalyst for change and the necessity that research anticipates and provides solutions for future health problems.
  2. The health priorities and the health research priorities shall be linked though they are not one and the same.
  3. The consideration of factors such as technical feasibility, availability of various resources and capacity, as well as sustainability of proposed health research should be goal orientated and guided by the analysis of health status, burden of disease and developmental needs 
  4. The issue of equity should be addressed (inequality and discrimination with regard to socio demographic characteristics and different health problems i.e. Health disparities between rich &poor; male ♀ young & old) Health research should be based on common underlying values involving all at all levels.
  5. Even though there is always the problem of scarce resources and competing uses for available resources health research priority setting shall be in the context of improving health and social justice.
  6. Although the focus is the Establishment of national health research priorities Medical research has the potential to benefit all of mankind. Therefore it is important to understand the Global level of health research prioritization with the goal of partnership, a collaborative relationship.
  7. The scarcity of Resources means that not everybody’s needs can be met. There is a need to decide what should be dealt with first. In our country where there are relatively less resources and more basic needs to prioritize and so allocate resources optimally is particularly relevant 
  8. The health research, CBE and PG should contribute to the Vision, mission, goals and objectives of the University with emphasis on holistic, multidisciplinary research and development.
  9. Health research culture which is in a piece meal; project based not program based; activity based than process based will be governed by institutional driven strategies.
  10. Prioritized in short, medium and long term and revitalized every 5 years strengthening byDeveloping User guidelines for researchers and students ;Workable and update guidelines for research proposal reviewers