Research Prioritization Identification

Finding new and cost-effective ways of improving health and preventing disease

Thematic Areas

  • Communicable diseases and their determinants given priority in the HSDP i.e. malaria, TB, HIV, STDs, zoonotic diseases, vector-borne diseases, intestinal parasitizes and other epidemic diseases.
  • Food insecurity and nutritional problems focusing on venerable groups like children, pregnant  women
  • Material and new borne health problems and assessment of related interventions like FP, ANC, delivery, PNC services and immunization.
  • Child health problems; diarrheal, respiratory diseases and on related interventions like immunization.
  • Non-communicable disease; common cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, injuries, mental health problems and common cancers.

Center of Excellence:
The college aspires to advance in clinical medicine where various subspecialty units/ departments are established and rendered state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic services.