Seid Tiku | Jimma University College of Public Health and Medical Science
Seid Tiku

Name: Seid Tiku Mereta (PhD)

Academic rank: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Applied Ecology and Environmental Sanitation

Current post: Head, Department of Environmental Health Science and technology

Coordinator, Environmental Health and Ecology Project VLIR-OUS.

Contact address: Email:

Phone: 00251913296056 (Mobile), P.O.Box 1995, Jimma, Ethiopia

Research interest

  1. Surface water quality monitoring, assessment and management
  2. Wetland Ecotourism
  3. Biodiversity Conservation
  4. Water quality, Sanitation and Hygiene 
  5. Ecological modelling

Educational Background

2009-2013                  Doctoral studies in the Applied Biological Sciences, Faculty Bioscience Engineering,Ghent University, Belgium.

2006-2007                  Master of Science in Environmental Sanitation obtained with Great Distinction, Ghent University, Belgium.

2005-2006                  Academic degree of graduate in the complementary Studies in Environmental Sanitation with Distinction, Ghent University, Belgium. 

2000-2003                  B.Sc. degree in Environmental Health Science obtained with Distinction,  Jimma University, Ethiopia.

2000-2003                  Diploma in sanitary Science, Jimma Institute of Health Sciences/now Jimma University, Ethiopia.


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Lecture notes

  1. Mereta, ST, 2004.Water Supply and Saftey Measures: Lecture note for health extension trainees in Ethiopia. The Carter Center Ethiopian Public Health Training Initiatives.
  2. Mereta, ST, 2004. Food Hygiene and Safety Measures. Lecture note for health extension trainees in Ethiopia. The Carter Center Ethiopian Public Health Training Initiatives
  3. Mereta, ST., and Hailu E., 2009. Environmental pollution and control. text book. Lecture Note Series, Jimma, Ethiopia.
  4. Mereta, ST, Malu, A., Dadi, D., 2009. Air pollution and control text book. Lecture Note Series, Jimma, Ethiopia
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  6. Mereta, ST., Haddis, A., 2009. Wastewater treatment text book.  Lecture note series, Jimma, Ethiopia

Poster presentations

  1. Mereta S.T., Yehualaw, D., Boets P., De Meester L., Goethals P.L.M. (2012). Ecological assessment of wetlands in south-western Ethiopia. Institutional University Cooperation September, 2010, Jimma, Ethiopia.
  2. Mereta S.T., Yehualaw, D., Boets P., De Meester L., Goethals P.L.M., 2012. Quantifying sediment retention capacity of Boye wetland, Southwest Ethiopia. Institutional University Cooperation, March, 2012, Jimma, Ethiopia.

Promoter/Co-promoter of PhD and MScprojects

Freshwater monitoring, assessment and management

  1. Roles of wetlands and riparian buffer strips in sediment and nutrient retention in the Gilgel Gibe I watershed, southwest Ethiopia.
  2. Status of wetlands and the effects of habitat alteration and water
    hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) invasion in Lake Tana Sub-basin, Ethiopia.
  3. Land use /Land cover changes and ecosystem services within Gilgel Gibe watershed, southwest Ethiopia.
  4. Impact of land-use and climate changes on the wetland biological communities in Southwest Ethiopia.
  5. Economic valuation of natural wetlandsin Southwest Ethiopia.
  6. The role of wetland in the population dynamics of anopheles mosquitoimmature stages in, Southwest Ethiopia.
  7. Ecological assessment of Cheffa wetland in Borkena valley, Northeast Ethiopia
  8. Effects of human activities on the ecology of Duma wetlands, Gambela region, Southwest Ethiopia.
  9. Factors affecting fish assemblages in natural wetlands Southwest Ethiopia.

10.  Assessment on the trophic state of Gilgel Gibe I reservoir.

11.  Composition and Abundance of Rotiferan and Crustacean Zooplankton in Relation to Primary Productivity, Fish Predation and Physico-chemical Factors in Gilgel Gibe Reservoir

Water and wastewater treatment

  1. Simultaneous removal of nitrate and phosphate ions from aqueous solution using solid waste from alum and sulphuric acid manufacturing process.
  2. Application of activated biochar prepared from coffee husk as an effective biosorbent for coffee wastewater.
  3. Removal of Excess fluoride ion from water using seeds of cabbage tree (Moringa stenopetala).
  4. Phosphate sorption capacity of solid residue of Awash Melkassa Aluminum Sulphate and Sulphuric Acid Factory.
  5. Pollution effects of wastewater generated from Hawassa textile factory on Tikur Wuha river water quality.
  6. A comparative study on the efficiencies of wastewater treatment technologies among ISO certified and non-certified breweries in Ethiopia.


I am active member of:
1.      Ethiopian Environmental Health Professional Association (EPHA).
2.      Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA).
3.      Ethiopian Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Association (EFASA).

Awards and Scholarships

1.      2005-2007: VLIR scholarship , Belgium
2.      2015:Belgian Committe for International Water Association (B-IWA) Water      
          Development Collaboration Award