Name: Tesfaye Kassa Tefera (PhD)

Current Post: Head, Medical Laboratory Science & Pathology/Medical Microbiology

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

College: College of Public Health & Medical Sciences

Field of SpecializationMedical Laboratorist, Medical Microbiologist

Research Interest:   Infectious disease, the benefit of Bacteriophages

List of Publications:

  • Shiferaw T, Beyene G, Kassa T, Sewunet T. Bacterial contamination, bacterial profile and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of isolates from stethoscopes at Jimma University Specialized Hospital. Ann Clin Microbiol Antimicrob. 2013; 12: 39  doi:10.1186/1476-0711-12-39.
  • Mulualem Y, Tesfaye K, Zeleke M, Sultan S. Occurrence of extended spectrum beta (β)-lactamases in multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli isolated from a clinical setting in Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Jimma, southwest Ethiopia. East Afr J Public Health. 2012; 9 (2): 58-61.
  • Kassa T, Sanjay C. Thermal treatment of the bacteriophage lysate of Klebsiella pneumoniae B5055 as a step for the purification of capsular depolymerase enzyme. J virol Meth. 2012; 179: 135–141.
  • Tesfaye Kassa, Daniel Asrat, Solomon G/Selassie. Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of thermotolerant Campylobacter strains isolated from food animals in Ethiopia. Vet. Microbiol. 2007; 119: 82–87; Short communication.
  • Amare Mengistu, Solomon G/Selassie, Tesfaye Kassa.. Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection among urban dwellers in southwest Ethiopia. Ethiop J Health Dev. 2007; 21 (1): 12-17.
  • Tesfaye Kassa, Solomon G/Selassie, Daniel Asrat. The prevalence of thermotolerant Campylobacter species in food animals in Jimma zone, southwest Ethiopia. Ethiop J Health Dev. 2005. 19 (3): 225-229.
  • Mohammed A, Solomon G/S, Tesfaye Kassa. Isolation of potential bacterial pathogens from the stool of HIV infected and HIV non-infected patients and their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in Jimma Hospital, South-west Ethiopia. Ethiop. Med J. 2002; 40: 353-64.
  • Mohammed A, Solomon G/S, Tesfaye Kassa. Prevalence of intestinal parasites in HIV infected adult patients in Southwestern Ethiopia. Ethiop J Health Dev. 2003; 17 (1): 71-78.
  • Kassa T and Chhibber S. Contribution of phage borne depolymerase enzyme in the disintegration of Klebsiella pneumoniae biofilm (in press).

Contact address:

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