Second Training Course on Community Mobilization for Health and Development | Jimma University College of Public Health and Medical Science
Second Training Course on Community Mobilization for Health and Development

Department of Health Education and Behavioral sciences
Jimma University; Jimma, Ethiopia

Jimma University, a national pioneer in Community Based Education (CBE) philosophy, has been responding to societal needs through training, research and service to the community since its establishment. This has resulted in an excellent public engagement with the local community. As part of the training, Health Education and Behavioral Sciences Department of Jimma University has developed a course on ‘Community Mobilization for Health and Development’ in collaboration with AfriComNet. This 5 days intensive course is a professional course designed to maximize the capacity of professionals working at different local and international organizations on health and development agendas. The course is pre-tested by different stakeholders from Ethiopia and other African countries. First training course was conducted in Oct. 2011 and participants were from Rwanda, Nigeria, Zambia, Yemen and Ethiopia. Apart from theory, the course contains practical, group works, presentations by participants. The course is entirely self financed or can be financed by the participants’ organization. Participants will cover their expenses of fees, lodging, boarding and travel. All expenses during delivery of the course will be met by the organizers (Refreshments and lunch). Certificate will be issued to participants who complete the training successfully.
The objectives of the training are:
1)  Enable participants to be familiar with the concept of community mobilization.                                                                                                       
2) Empower participants on how to diagnose the community problems with the community member themselves and act up on the problem together.
3) Build the skills of participants on communication strategies relevant to community mobilization for health and development.
4) How to measure success in community mobilization for health and development.                                                                                                                          
Target audience of the course:
The target audiences of this course are experts and professionals who are working or on higher education training programs on health and development, Professionals working with government and non-governmental organizations working at local and international level, health communication (IEC/BCC) and mass media professionals and social workers at various levels.

Course content:
Module 1: Introduction to Community mobilization
Module 2: Preparing to mobilize
Module 3: Organizing the community for action
Module 4: Exploring the health and development issues and setting priorities
Module 5: Planning and acting together
Module 6: Communication strategies that support Community mobilization
Module 7: Evaluating together
•    Are you thinking of working with your community for action?
•    Do you have challenges working with your community for action?
•    Do you have successful experiences of working with your               community? If so, let us share minds!
Applicants are expected to send:
A letter of motivation (maximum of one page) on why she or he needs the training and the expectation from the training along with updated CV.
Participant Selection:
A jury will examine the applications and select eligible candidates for the training. Only short-listed applicants will be notified.
Tuition fee for training:
US$ 350 for international applicants and 2000 Ethiopian birr for local applicants’ payable at Jimma University, Ethiopia. For payment details please contact through following email.
Deadline: for submission of applications is April 20, 2013 for Ethiopians and March 31, 2013 for International students (Visa is required to enter Ethiopia).
Training time: May 13-17, 2013
The application should be sent by e-mail to:
Netsanet Fentahun Babbel
 Cell phone:  +251913516677
 Office: +251471114439
Jimma University; Department of Health Education and Behavioral Sciences
Jimma, Ethiopia
Accommodation: Everything is self-sponsored. We can book accommodations for participants up on their request.