Historical Background | Jimma University College of Public Health and Medical Science
Historical Background

The establishment of Jimma University Institute of Health (JUIH) can be traced back to 1983 G.C. with the birth of the then Jimma Institute of Health Sciences (JIHS). The very beginning of the establishment of JIHS is marked as a continuation of the Ras Desta Damtew Health Assistant Training School established in 1967 by the Ethio-Netherlands health project in the premises of Jimma Hospital. On this foundation, the School of Nursing was established in 1983. Subsequently, the School of Medicine as well as the School of Pharmacy emerged in 1985; the School of Medical Laboratory Technology and the School of Environmental Health launched in 1987 and 1988, respectively.
JU was established as a public higher education institution in December 1997in Jimma Institute of Health Sciences by splitting the health section in to two faculties- namely Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Medical Sciences; and adding two new faculties- namely, Faculty of Business and Economics, and Faculty of Technology, which are the founding organs of the present Jimma University.
Then the Jimma University Institute of Health was finally established by the amalgamation of the former Faculty of Public Health and Medical Faculty by the business process reengineering undertaken in the university in June 2009. The redesign has also aligned Jimma University Specialized Hospital (JUSH) to be managed under this college as the hospital’s medical services are being provided by doctors of the college while clinically teaching students. With the aim easing the college management, restructuring is being made under the name of College of Health Sciences.