Objective of the College

Facts about the College

According to the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) program which has already been implemented at the University level, the College comprises of seven departments: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Information Science, Physics, statistics and Sport Science,  the Administrative Team, and eight coordinating offices such as Research and Postgraduate studies, Community Based Education (CBE), Continuing and Distance Education, Academic Remedial Office for Students Affairs (OSA), College ICT and e-learning, Gender and Youth Coordinating Office,  Academic Quality and Reform Office, College Ethics Officer, and  the College Branch Library.

Currently, the College has qualified academic staffs with 29Assistant and 8Associate Professors (24of whom are PhD holders), 112 lecturers, 16 graduate assistants and 12 technical assistants. About 47 academic staffs are on study leave of whom 33 are attending their terminal degree,12 are studying for their M.Sc Degreeand the remaining 2 are studying the B.Sc degree, either in country or abroad. Moreover, the college has 181 administrative staffs who are fully engaged in supporting and facilitating the teaching learning, research and community services activities running in the college. 


Each department of the college has laboratories equipped with the basic laboratory facilities and are organized on stream basis within the department. In addition the college has ten networked computer laboratories of which the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics each have one, while the Department of Information Science has three computer Laboratories of its own. Moreover, the college has one networked computer laboratory dedicated to the graduate program and one multipurpose networked computer laboratory for undergraduate students. The remaining one is reserved for the African Virtual University (AVU) e-learning program. The college also hosts 16 fully functional science laboratories in the departments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics including one geometry laboratory in the department of mathematics. Two of the laboratories are dedicated for postgraduate and staff research activities. The details of the facilities within the laboratories could be accessed from the university’s web page with reference to the college’s departments. Among the science laboratory facilities available in the Department of Chemistry are Polarimeter, UV-Vis spectrometer, Electrochemical analyzers, Spectrofluorometer, GC, GC-MS, Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Thermogravimeric analyzer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, etc. All classrooms are “smart”. Revenue generating, multipurpose hall with video conferencing facility is also one of the most important resources in the college supporting learning and teaching activities. A branch library known by the name, ‘Education Library’, renders 24 hours services for the college academic community with its learning and teaching references books and e-resources.