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Dean, College of Natural Sciences Jimma University

Contact Address:

Office Tel. +251471120739
Mobile Phone: +251-942-565096
P.O. Box: 378 
Fax: +251471112214
E-mail :;  

Name:  Kassahun Melesse Tegegne                                        
Academic Rank:  Associate Professor
Field of specialization: Functional Analysis
Research Interest: Mathematics and science education
Contact Address:
Office Tel.:  +251471118670           
Fax:  +251471112214
Mobil phone: +25191 7550064 
P. O. Box: 378

Name: Menberu Yitbarek
Contact Address
Office Number: +251471120286
Mobile phone: +251911806398
P. O .Box: 378 
E-mail Address:

Name: Tsegaye Deyou
College of Natural Sciences Registrar and Student Affairs Coordinator
Contact Address:
Institutional email:
Mobile phone: 251912057506
P.O.Box: 378

Name: Sisay Tefera
Record Officer
Contact Address:
Mobile: 251-917806793
P.O.Box: 378

Name: Teshome Tefera Boku
Continuing & Distance Education Coordinator
Contact Address:
P.O.Box: 5095
Office tel: +251 47 1120559
Mobile phone: +251 911360262

The ICT and e - learning coordinating office user support technicians (Software/ Hard ware/ Network) are:

  • Ato Anduaalem Taye
  • Ato Abdi Mohammed
  • Ato Mohammedsani Temam
  • W/ro Saba Tefera (Help desk and Lab attendant)

Name: Rahel Tasew
Senior Record Keeper (For Departments of Statistics and Information Sciences)
Contact Address:
Mobile: +251-912069948
P.O.Box: 378

Name: Fantu Girma
Junior Record Keeper (For Department of Mathematics)
Contact Address:
Mobile: +251-917824167
P.O.Box: 378

Ethiopia Ayele:
Junior Record Keeper (For Department of Biology)
Contact Address:
Mobile: 251-917807531
P.O.Box: 378

Eyerusalem H/giorgis:
Junior Record Keeper (For Department of Chemistry)
Contact Address:
Mobile: 251-911800616
P.O.Box: 378

Awotash Araedom:
Senior Record Keeper (For Department of Physics)
Contact Address:
Mobile: 251-917025991
P.O.Box: 378