Masters in Inorganic Chemistry

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Course Breakdown

I. Year I Semester I

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
Chem551 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I 3
Chem561 Advanced Analytical Chemistry I 2
Chem571 Quantum Chemistry 2
Chem581 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3
Total 10

II. Year I Semester II

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
Chem552 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II  2
Chem562 Advanced Analytical Chemistry II (Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques)  3
Chem572 Chemical Kinetics  2
Chem58 Physical Organic Chemistry  2
Chem542 Advanced Practical Chemistry 2
Chem592 Research Methodology and Scientific Writing 1
Chem594 Seminar I
Total 13

III. Specialized Inorganic Chemistry 

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
Chem651 Inorganic Chemistry III
Chem653 Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
Chem695 Seminar II
Chem693 Developmental Team Training Program Research
Total 8