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MSc Program (regular)

Objectives of the program: 

  1. To create opportunities for acquiring quality higher education within the country
  2. To produce scholars who can take up teaching and research assignments in the premier educational institutions of the country
  3. To produce skilled man power to meet the demands of growing industries of the country as well as other government organizations like Geological survey of Ethiopia, Ethiopian standards institute, Drug administration and control authority and Ethiopian health and nutrition research institute

  Admission requirements:

 The aspirant students of Master of Science in Chemistry are supposed to fulfill the following criteria:

  •  Have B. Sc or B. ED Degree in Chemistry or an equivalent degree from an accredited higher learning institution
  • Should pass entrance examination in the field of study
  • should be supported by at least two letters of recommendation preferably from the  applicant’s under graduate instructors, employers and professional associations
  • Produce letter indicating sponsorship for their research work or sign an agreement if self sponsored
  • Whenever the department believes an applicant needs a support from undergraduate  courses, the applicant will take remedial courses.  

Graduate profile

Sufficient theoretical and practical training would be imparted to the students of the Masters program to meet the challenges of technological advances and contemporary science education and research. Thus, after the completion of the course, the Masters graduates

  • Will be having all the necessary technical and practical knowledge to take up teaching assignment in higher educational institutions of the country.
  • Will be having hands-on experience and practical know-how of various sophisticated analytical techniques to tackle chemistry related problems in the fields such as: pharmaceuticals, food technology and agriculture, environmental studies, quality control, geo chemistry and mineralogy, polymers, glass and ceramics etc.
  • Will be able to design and conduct research in various thrust areas of science and technology to explore and exploit the natural resources of the country and help in establishing and running industries in the country.
  • Manage and/or supervise processes and operations in various sectors of the economy;
  • Work as an industrial chemist in chemical processing industries;
  •  Be a potential candidate of a chemistry Instructor and serve as a research member  in educational  institutions;
  • Demonstrate environmentally conscious attitude and behave as a responsible citizen;
  • Integrate information technology and data processing skills in relation to chemical information;
  • Create job opportunities with acquired skills and chemical knowledge;
  • Undertake competent, safe, evaluative and effective practical work;
  • Operate scientific equipments properly to critically generate, analyze and report experimental results and determine their strength and validity.

Graduation requirements :

The masters of Science Degree in Chemistry is awarded to candidates who have fulfilled the following requirements of the School of Graduate Studies

  • Should pass all examinations in courses offered in the program and score a minimum CGPA of 3.00
  • Successfully defend the thesis and score a minimum rank of satisfactory, which is ‘’B’’
  • If a student has a grade of C+ or C in more than one course, he/she is subjected to repeat the course
  • No ‘’F’’ or No ‘’D’’ in any course

Nomenclature of the Masters Program:  “Master of Science in Chemistry” and followed by the title of thesis.


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