Masters in Analytical Chemistry

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         Tefera Entele
Head, Department of Chemistry
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Course Breakdown:

I. Year I Semester I

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
Chem551 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I 3
Chem561 Advanced Analytical Chemistry I 2
Chem571 Quantum Chemistry 2
Chem581 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3
Total 10

II. Year I Semester II

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
Chem552 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II  2
Chem562 Advanced Analytical Chemistry II (Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques)  3
Chem572 Chemical Kinetics  2
Chem58 Physical Organic Chemistry  2
Chem542 Advanced Practical Chemistry 2
Chem592 Research Methodology and Scientific Writing 1
Chem594 Seminar I
Total 13

III. Specialized Analytical Chemistry

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr.
Chem661 Chemometrics, Data Processing and Validation  2
Chem663 Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry  2
Chem695 Seminar II
Chem693 Developmental Team Training Program Research
Total 8