Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry

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         Tefera Entele
Head, Department of Chemistry
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Course Breakdown
Year I

Semester Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr. Course Type
I Chem201 University Chemistry 3
Chem203 Practical University Chemistry 1
Phys205 Mechanics and Heat for Chemists 3
Math233 Calculus I for Chemists 3
EnLa201 Communicative English Skills 3
Comp201 Introduction to Computer Applications for Chemists 3 Supportiv3e
Stat273 Introduction to Statistics
3 Supportive
Semester Total 19  
II Chem222
Analytical Chemistry 3 Core
Phys206 Electricity and Magnetism for Chemists 3 Supportive
Chem242 Organic Chemistry I 3 Core
Chem244 Practical Organic Chemistry I 1 Core
Chem212 Inorganic Chemistry I 3 Core
Chem224 Practical Analytical Chemistry 1 Cor
Math234 Calculus II for Chemists 3 Supportive
Semester Total 17  

Year II   

Semester Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr. Course Type
I  Chem331 Chemical Thermodynamics 3
Chem311 Inorganic Chemistry II
3 Core
Chem313 Practical Inorganic Chemistry I 1 Core
Chem321 Instrumental Analysis I 3 Core
Chem323 Practical Instrumental I
1 Core
Chem341 Organic Chemistry II 3 Core
Chem343 Practical Organic Chemistry II 1 Core
EnLa301 University Writing  Skill 3 Core
Semester Total 18  
II      Chem332 Chemical Kinetics and Electrochemistry 3 Core
Chem342 Physical Organic Chemistry 3 Core
Chem322 Instrumental Analysis II 3 Core
Chem324 Practical Instrumental Analysis II 1 Core
Chem334 Practical Physical Chemistry I 1 Core
Chem352 Industrial Chemistry I 3 Core
Math224 Linear Algebra for Chemists 3 Supportive
Semester Total 17

Year III

Semester Course Code Course Title Cr. Hr. Course Type
I Chem455 Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology 3
Chem411 Inorganic Chemistry III 4 Core
Chem441 Practical Organic Chemistry III 2 Core
Chem453 Research Methodology and Scientific Writing 2 Core
Chem431 Quantum Chemistry 4 Core
Chem433 Practical Physical Chemistry II 1 Core
Chem451 Industrial II 2 Core
Semester Total 18  
II Chem422 Analysis of Real Samples 2 Core
Chem452 Biochemistry 3 Core
Chem432 Statistical Thermodynamics and Surface Chemistry 3 Core
Chem414 Practical Inorganic Education 2 Core
CEEd... Civics and Ethical Education 3 Common
Mgmt… Entrepreneurship 3 Common
Chem… Elective
Semester Total 17/18