Masters Program in Biostatistics

Admission Criteria:

  • A direct admission to the graduate program in biostatistics will be given for those applicants with first degree in statistics, 
  • Applicants with first degree from mathematics field can join the graduate program with pre-determined pre-request courses before direct entry,
  • Applicants from various disciplines, such as economics, Public Health, Medicine, Biology, Agriculture, Vet Medicine and related disciples can also admit to the graduate program with more pre-determined bridge courses than those from mathematics discipline,
  • All applicants for admission to the graduate program in Biostatistics must also meet the university‚Äôs requirements.

Contact Information:

 Abdisa Gurmessa, Lecturer

 Head, Department of Statistics

 Ethiopia, Jimma University +251932285782;

Office, +251471122509

P.O.Box 378

Skype: abdisa.gurmessa1

Course Break Down:

Course No Title Credit Hrs
Stat 513 Basic Epidemiology 3
Stat 511 Probability and Statistical Theory of Distributions
Stat 515 Data Management & Statistical Computing 2
Stat 517 Linear Models 3
Stat 522 Principles of Statistical Inference 3
Stat 524 Nonparametric Methods 2
Stat 526 Multivariate Methods 2
Stat 528 Design and analysis of experiments 3
Stat 611 Generalized Linear Models 3
Stat 613 Survival Data Analysis 2
Stat 615 Longitudinal Data Analysis 2
Stat 617 Community Based Education 3
SRP 628 Master Thesis 6