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The inception of Department of Mathematics started in 1983, when Jimma Institute of Health Science (JIHS) was established under pre-medical department as one of the basic science units (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, History, etc.).    Department of   Mathematics is emerged as one of the five full-fledged departments namely (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, and other social sciences) when the pre- medical departments progressively extended to the basic science program hosting all the fresh programs of the institute during the preparation to launch Jimma University. Department of Mathematics  was one of the five  establishing  departments  of  the Faculty of Education  when  Jimma University was  launched  in Dec, 1999. Still it is one of the strong departments in college of Natural Sciences which was established in 2009.


The main objectives of the program are:

  • To equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge that can enable them to solve mathematical problems and different societal problems of the country and the world at large.
  • To produce trained manpower in Mathematics for institutions of higher learning in the country, to enhance the development of science and technology.
  • To produce graduates that work as researcher in research institutions and industries and the community at large.
  • To extend capacity for independent thinking, creativity and further studies
  • To develop the mathematical skills needed in modeling and solving Practical problems
  • To produce graduates in Mathematics that are adaptable to teach in secondary schools, colleges,   universities and work in industries, research institutes etc.


Produce/Trains talented students to the Bachelor’s, Master's and Doctoral degree levels.


Aspires to be the best Mathematics Departments in the country and an international centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Management structure

  • PG coordinator
  • Course team charter heads
  • Different committees

Service offered

Offering Mathematics courses to different departments

Admission Criteria

1. BSc program

Besides  the  successful  completion  of  the  preparatory  program,  a  student  should  meet  university  admission  policy.  Diploma holders can apply for admission as per the regulation of the University for advanced standing.

2. MSc program

A candidate of the program should have a B.Sc. or B. Ed. degree in Mathematics or an equivalent degree   in mathematics from recognized institution and meet the general University graduate admission requirements.