Vision and Mission


The College aspires to be the best higher learning college both locally and regionally with respect to research output and quality of graduating professionals.


As one of the colleges of Jimma University, an institution pioneer in Community Based Education, the college strives to integrate teaching, research, good governance and community services. To this end, it provides the highest quality education enabling the production of outstanding graduates of the highest caliber in both the undergraduate and graduate levels; it promotes and conducts problem–driven innovative research pertinent to nationwide development; it expands and maintains strong links with local community, industry, organizations, and other universities, both locally and internationally.


  • To train competent and responsive professionals who can address the community's problems through innovative and practical means.
  • To promote the philosophy of Community Based Education (CBE) with the aim of bringing about palpable change in the community through active community participation and intersectoral collaboration. 
  • To contribute to societal development through the training of responsive professionals, the conduct of high-quality relevant research and professional advocacy. 
  • To promote the principle of educational equity irrespective of ethnicity, religion, sex and political background. 
  • To promote women's participation in all spheres of development.
  • To establish and strengthen partner and linkages with local and international institutions for the purpose of rendering high quality training, applied research and services. 
  • To develop sound organizational and management systems for the accomplishment of its objectives. 


“Science for Solving Community Problems”

Click here to download College of Natural Sciences strategic plan (2016-2020)