Vision and Mission





The main objectives of Mathematics Department are: 

  1. To produce qualified and competent mathematicians who are highly enrolled in teaching and learning process of the country. 
  2. To carry out mathematical research in line with the development and needs of the country, and be a member of a research team trying to solve societal problems. 
  3. To produce graduates with strong sense of ethics, professionalism, and the ability to succeed as both individual and team contributors and synergy. 
  4. To introduce applications and technology transfer in mathematics for science and technology students. 
  5. To provide consultancy and technical services to the industrial sectors and other socio-economic sectors of the country as mathematics is crucial by its nature. 
  6. To bridge hard sciences i.e mathematics and other related applied and engineering sciences by modeling real life problems. 
  7. Lay foundation for other related science and technology fields which need its support.