Mosquitoes in the Fight against Malaria: Foes and Friends alike and Learning How to Fight Malaria from Non-Vector Mosquitoes.

Two scientific Talk sessions, one on “MOSQUITOES IN THE FIGHT  AGAINST  MALARIA: FOES AND FRIENDS ALIKE”and another on“LEARNING HOW TO FIGHT MALARIA FROM NON-VECTOR MOSQUITOES” have been delivered by two renowned scientists from Imperial College, UK on March 29,2013 at Jimma University Senate Hall.

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Research and Innovation on Hay Box Brooder: A Milestone to Increase Poultry Production. Open public lecture on "Hay Box Brooder: A Milestone to Increase Rural Households Poultry Production” was presented by Professor Solomon Demeke on January 04, 2013 at the College of Natural Sciences Multipurpose Hall. During the session, a major research findings and challenges on the area of poultry farming particularly onEthiopian condition were presented.