Dean's Message

Established in July 2014, the College of Law and Governance brought together the Department of Governance and Development Studies and the School of Law which were previously under the College of Social Sciences and Law. The college has been playing its pivotal role to the progress and development of the country through teaching, research and community services. Both the Department of Governance and Development Studies and the School of Law run different undergraduate and postgraduate programs that equip our graduates with theoretical underpinning and practical skills which enable them to contribute significantly to the nation-state building and economic transformation of the country. Our graduates, who experience the practical world of job before they graduate during their internships, community service activities and practical attachments, are deemed highly competent by stakeholders having strong professional acumen.

The College has been strongly working to produce strong and hardworking graduates that develop the required skills and attitude beyond the theoretical knowledge reflected by the result of the exit examination, particularly of the graduates of Law, through bringing professionals and expats from the local and global market – USA, The Netherlands, Great Britain, India, Nigeria etc. Furthermore, being trained in different countries of the Global North – The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Italy, to mention few – most of the local staff under the college have international experiences which enable students to learn from the experiences of the staff.

The College has also been engaged in research and community services beyond the teaching-learning activities.  It encourages the academic staff to embark on problem solving researches across the country. Most of our academic staff have been conducting different researches under different themes funded by the college. The community service activities, which are embedded in the hands-on courses such as Development Team Training Program of the postgraduate students and the different Community Based Training Programs of the undergraduate students, are highly relevant for our graduates in acquainting them with the community that they are going to serve after they graduate. Moreover, the college, through its nine Free Legal Aid Service centers – run by the School of Law – provides free legal services for vast number of the poorest section of the society – echoing Jimma University’s popular motto “We are in the Community”. 


Finally, the College is working very hard to support the country’s poverty-eradication and good governance endeavors through the strong professionals it produces; problem solving researches that the staff under the college are conducting and the community services it provides promoting multicultural teaching-learning environment, pooling professionals from the Global North and South, working collaboratively with education and research institutions worldwide.  


  • Siyum Adugna Mamo
  • Dean, College of Law and Governance
  • Jimma university
  • Jimma, Ethiopia  
  • Address:
  • Office telephone: +251-472115643
  • cellphone +251-985176505 
  • P.B.Box: 378, Jimma University