Staff Individual List

Full Name: Siyum Adugna Mamo 
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor 
Current Post: Dean, College of Law and Governance 
College/Institute: Law and Governance
Department: Governance and Development Studies 
Field of Specialization: MA in Development Studies (Conflict and Peace Studies); MA in Philosophy 
Research Interest:
  • Governance; 
  • Sustainable development (post-development);      
  • Peace and conflict; 
  • Terrorism, media and politics; 
  • Critical agrarian studies; 
  • Social and political philosophy; 
  • Comparative and intercultural philosophy;  
  • Moral philosophy 
List of Publications:
  • Siyum Adugna (2017) When large-scale land acquisition meets local conflict – experiences from Gambela Regional State, Ethiopia, International Journal of Multirelegious and Multicultural Understanding, 4(4). 
  • Siyum Adugna (2017) Securitizing Development through Military Intervention? a review of the book The US Military in Africa: Enhancing Security and Development? edited by Jessica Piombo, First Forum Press, London, 2015. Africa Review of Books, 13(2).
  • Siyum Adugna (2017) Framing France’s Domestic Response to the November 2015 Paris Attacks – Insights from Al Jazeera English, Global Journal of Human-Social Sciences, 17(2).  
  • Siyum Adugna (2017) “The Rise and Fall of Liberal Peace in Libya”, Üniversitepark Bülten/Universitepark Bulletin, 7(1). 
Work in progress
  • Siyum Adugna, et al. (2017) “‘Women’s Empowerment’ – a Conceptual Reconsideration”
  • Siyum Adugna et. al. (2017) “Diversity in Higher Education Institutions in The Hague, Netherlands: The International Institute of Social Studies in Focus” 
  • Presentation
  • Siyum Adugna (2015) “Towards a Non-Anthropocentric Environmental Philosophy”, paper presented at the 6th Annual Research Conference of Jimma University, Feb. 5-6, 2015 (Jimma, Ethiopia) 
Teaching Materials  
  • Siyum Adugna and Sewunet, A. (2013) Teaching Social Studies in Primary Schools, Ethiopian Ministry of Education. Addis Ababa 
  • Siyum Adugna and Mamuye, Y. E. (2013) Moral Philosophy, Jimma Univerity, Jimma. 
  • Siyum Adugna and Mamuye, Y. E. (2008) Introduction to Logic, Jimma University, Jimma. 

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