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The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (CEBS) is a recently established College at Jimma University. This College was first established as Institute of Education and Professional Development Studies in the year 2010 following the implementation of Business Process Re-engineering at Jimma University. Since 2014, the institute has been upgraded to a College level with the inclusion department of Psychology and soon later the department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education has been opened. CEBS aspires to become nationally and internationally recognized institute with its provision of high standard and quality training programs as well as scientific educational and behavioral research through its community-oriented education program. Currently, the College runs four undergraduate programs such as Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, Educational Planning and Management, Psychology, and Special Needs and Inclusive Education). Moreover, there are six MA programs namely MA in Educational Leadership, MA in School Leadership, MA in Curriculum and Instruction, MA in Counseling Psychology, MA in Educational psychology and MA in Child and Adolescent Development. There are also Postgraduate Diploma programs in School Leadership, and Postgraduate Certificate in school Supervision. Furthermore, the college offers various Professional Development trainings on instructional skills, assessment through ADRC and runs Higher Diploma Program to JU academic staff members.

Through its structure and the academic units as well as the faculty, CEBS puts it’s at most effort to bring about excellence in both quality of teaching and research as well as quality community service to bring about excellence. Quality of teaching is always at the centre of all initiatives at the college. Hence, the College commits itself to improve the quality of the teaching staff through continuous staff development schemes and endeavors to the fulfillment of the necessary facilities that promote excellence.  

CEBS is committed to produce competent professionals in the area of school leadership, teacher education at all levels, general psychologist and special and inclusive education experts which are vital for the success of the education system of the nation as a whole. Hence, it is dedicated to narrow down the gap between theory and practice by conducting problem oriented multi disciplinary and trans-disciplinary researches by collaborating with local, national and international partners. CEBS strongly believes that with the motto that we together can make a difference and commits itself to all types of partnership with stakeholders at all levels. Hence, I would like to invite all who are seeking information about us to access us through our website as well as contact address here under to exploit the opportunity of working in collaboration to the betterment of the quality of life in the globe. 

Contact address:

  • Name of contact person: Mitiku Bekele(PhD), Dean of CEBS
  • Phone No. Office: 0471120596
  • Mobile: 0910186484
  • Email: