Mrs. Aregu Asmare Hailu

Full Name: Aregu Asmare Hailu
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
College/Institute: Business and Economics
Department/Team: Management
Position, if any: No
Qualification: BA in Management & MBA in Finance, PhD Candidate in Management
Field of Specialization: MBA in Finance, PhD Candidate in Management
Research Interest: Corporate Finance, Organizational climate and Operations management areas


On-going Researches:

  • Determinants of Financial Innovation in Ethiopian Commercial Banks
  • The Impact Of Financial Innovation On Competitive Advantage And Financial Inclusion In Ethiopia

List of Publications: 

  • Prospects and Challenges of Micro Insurance Investment in Bench Maji Zone; International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering Vol. 7 Issue 8, August 2017
  • The impact of microfinance on women’s empowerment in Bench Maji Zone” International Journal of Management and Engineering, Vol.7(9) (2017).
  • The Impact of investment Diversification on financial performance of Commercial Banks in Ethiopia; Financial Studies Volume 22 issue 3,2018
  • Determinants of Micro-Insurance Business Performance in Ethiopia; Journal of Accounting, Finance and Auditing Studies Volume 4, Issue 4 ,2018
  • The effect of Risk Management on Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Ethiopia ;Financial studies March 2019, Volume 23, issue 1 –Indexed DOAJ
  • Determinants of Micro Insurance Social Performance in Ethiopia ; Horn of Africa Journal of Business and Economics (HAJBE), 2018, 1(2), PP: 19 – 31ISSN: 2617-0078 (Print), 2617-0086 (Online))
  • Determinants of Micro Insurance Demand in Jimma Zone ; International Research journal of Business studies December 2018 Volume 11,  issue 3 Indexed DOAJ

Membership in academic associations and academic related committee, councils, groups:

  • Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia

Contact Address

  • P. O. Box:    378;  Jimma University; Jimma, Ethiopia
  • Office Tel.:   
  • 047 111 70 91
  • Cell Phone:   
  • +251 928 28 14 82
  • Fax:    -
  • E-mail Address: