Dr. Matewos Kebede Refera

Full Name:Matewos Kebede Refera
Academic Rank: Assistant profesor
College/Institute: Business and Economics
Qualification: MBA, PhD
Field of Specialization: Masters of Business Administration
Research Interest: Accounting and reporting, management accounting and control, credit risk management, small business accounting  and financial, personal finance, accounting education



On-going researches:

  • Financial Literacy and Personal Financial Management Practice Among Urban Dwellers in Ethiopia (Phd. Research on Progress)
  • Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion in Jimma Zone

List of Publications:

  • Matewos Kebede Refera, Navkihiranjit Kur Dhilual & Jasminedeep Kuar. (2016). Financial Literacy for Developing Countries in Africa: the concept, importance and research opportunities, Journal of African Studies and Development, Vol.8 (1), pp.1-12, [online] at www.academicjournals.org/JASD
  • Matewos Kebede Refera & Abiy Getahun Kolech. (2015). Personal Financial Management Capability Among Employees in Jimma Town, South west Ethiopia: A Pilot Study, European Journal of Contemporary Economics and Management, December 2015 Edition, Vol.2 No.2, pp.29-53, [online] at www.ejcem.eu
  • Matewos Kebede, Navkihiranjit Kur Dhilual, Jasmeendeep Kuar. (2015). Financial Literacy and Management of Personal Finance: A review of Recent Literatures , Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, Vol.6, No. 13, 2015, pp.92-115, [online] at www.iise.org
  • Milion Gezaw., Matewos Kebede., Sujata Salvaraj, (2015) The impact of credit risk on profitability performance commercial banks in Ethiopian, African Journal of Business Management, Vol. 9(2), pp. 59-66, 28 January 20115, available [online] ]at www.acadamicjournals/AJBM
  • Metadel Mulugeta, Matewos Kebede and Gebre Amelak Yetibarek (2017). Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Private Commercial Banks in Ethiopia, Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, (submitted)  
  • Matewos Kebede and Abiy Getahun, (2014). Exploratory Study on Problems and issues related to Standardizing Financial Reporting in Ethiopian Banking System, International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT and Management, Vol. 4 (4), pp.53-56 available [online] at www.ijrcm.org.in
  • Kenenis Lemi and Matewos Kebede (2014)  Internal Control Effectiveness of  Public Universities in Ethiopia: A case Study of Jimma University, International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT and Management, Vol. 4 (5), pp.59-65, available [online], at www.ijrcm.org.in

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Contact address:

  • P. O. Box:    378
  • Office Tel.:    +251 471 11 75 15
  • Cell Phone:    +251 912 103812
  • Fax:    +251 471 11 78 28
  • E-mail Address: matiwosekebede@gmail.com