Mr. Wendmu Abule Denboba

Full Name: Wendmu Abule Denboba
Academic Rank: Lecturer
College/Institute: Business and Economics
Department/Team: Management
Position, if any: No
Qualification: Master’s Degree (MBA; general)
Field of Specialization: Business Administration


Research Interest:

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR), marketing management, change management, management science, operations management leadership, entrepreneurship, HRM, OB and etc…….

On-going Researches:

  • Impact of CSR on company reputation in Ethiopia

List of Publications (on pipe line):

  • Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction
  • Impact of FDI on performance of local company in Ethiopia

Membership in academic associations and academic related committee, councils, groups....   

  1. Worked as:
  • Chair of department council(head) ,
  • member of college research ethical review board,
  • member college academic council,
  • member of college purchasing committee,
  • program coordinator of EMBA jointly opened by JU and Maastricht school of management (Netherlands),
  • member of annual research workshop on insurance (fund raising chair),
  • member of annual research conference organized on awareness creation for local product usage

2. Now

  • member of department council and
  • Member of college discipline committee(secretory)

Contact Address

  • P. O. Box:    378
  • Office Tel.:    -
  • Cell Phone:    +251913518665
  • Fax:    -
  • E-mail Address:
  • Skype    -