Dr. Mekonnen Bogale Abegaz

Full Name:Mekonnen Bogale Abegaz
Academic Rank:Assistant Professor in Management
College/Institute:Business and Economics


  • Ph.D. in Commerce and Management Studies.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • BSC degree in Purchasing and Supplies  Management

Professional experiences: 13  years Teaching, staff research engagement and community services
Leadership experience:    

  • Dean of College of Business and Economics as of March 31/2020 to Now
  • Acting Dean of College of Business and Economics
  • Vice Dean of the College
  • Ethics and Complaint Handling officer of the college 
  • Coordinator of  Student Affairs and Registrar from  August 23, 2012 –to-September 2013
  • Coordinator of Department of Logistics and supply chain management from  October 12, 2010-to- June, 2011
  • Head of Department of Purchasing and supplies management from  June 8, 2007-to-appril 07, 2008
  • Coordinator of Department of Economics and Information Technology, summer program from  November 10, 2006-to- June 07, 2007

Research Interest:Value chain management, human capital development, strategic management, and leadership and entrepreneurship development.
On-going researches:

  • Entrepreneurial development through human capital development, Financial capital, and good governance
  • Responsive supply chain management practice and organizational performance

List of Publications: 

  • Performance predicting effect of  factors residing in a firm: Evidenced from  small scale manufacturing enterprises in Ethiopia
  • Factors personal to an entrepreneur and enterprise performance : evidenced from small scale manufacturing enterprises in Ethiopia
  • Challenges in the operation of multimodal transport system: the case of Ethiopian shipping and logistics service enterprise
  • Importers’ Satisfaction with the service of multimodal transportation system, the case of Ethiopia
  • Determinants of growth of investment in Jimaa city
  • The effect of customer relationship management of banks performance, Commercial bank of Ethiopia
  • The effect of leadership style of employees performance: in case of economic sector of Oromia, Ethiopia
  • The effect of promotional mix elements’ expense on sales volume of MOHA soft drink share company, Ethiopia
  • The Effect of Financial Management Practice on Entrepreneurial Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in West Orormia 

Membership in academic associations and academic related committee, councils, groups:

  • Research Review Board chairperson, College of Business and Economics
  • Reviewer of Journal, HAJBE
  • Chairperson of Academic staff Selection and promotion committee of BECO, JU
  • Curriculum committee, department of management
  • Chairperson of team learning supervision standing committee of the college 
  • Ambassador of Revenue, Ethiopian revenue authority, Jimma
  • Member of Red cross society in Jimma city
  • Member of SUSTAN project : joint project of Business and economics college of Jimma University, Muzunbe university of Tanzania, and BI of Norway

Training and workshop participationand other performance certificates:

  • Certificate of Merit  as the best teacher of the year Jimma University, 2012/2013
  • Certificate in Module Writing 
  • Certificate in Performance Management and Balanced scorecard , JU
  • Certificate in case writing and teaching method, Maastrict School of Management
  • Certificate in International curriculum Accreditation:   Jimma Universi;ty and Maastrict School of Management, Netherlands
  • Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming in research and curriculum:  Jimma Universi;ty and Maastrict School of Management, Netherlands
  • Certificate in TOT, Management institute of Ethiopia
  • Certificate in human capital management, I capital institute of Ethiopia

Contact Address: