Dissemination Strategies

Research Output Dissemination Strategies

  • Research outputs are communicated to stakeholders through annual research conference, publication in a reputable journal, Policy briefs, conferences and workshops

 Publications by Faculties

  • More than 54 publications in a reputable journals were reported to our office by our academic staffs in the last two years (2017/18 -2018/19)


The college has established a journal named “Horn of Africa Journal of Business and Economics (HAJBE)”in the year 2017/18. The Journal is aimed at providing an appropriate forum to stimulate publication in the areas of Business, Economics and Public Administration. HAJBE is a biannual peer-reviewed publication of Business and Economics College, Jimma University and its main mission is to provide a forum for publishing scholarly articles including: Research papers, abridged versions of thesis, Book reviews, and other publishable works. All works submitted for publication pass through a rigorous process of peer and anonymous review to assess their scholarly standard and determine their suitability for publication in the Journal.



                 Contact Person:
    Dr. Deresse Mersha Lakew (Associate Prof.)
BECO, Research and Postgraduate Coordinator





Contact Address:

    • Cell Phone:    +251917813453
    • Tel. +251 471123210
    • Email: deresmersha@gmail.com/deressmersha@yahoo.com 
    • Research and Postgraduate Coordinating Office
    • College of Business and Economics Jimma University
    • P.O.Box : 378, Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia