Research Approach

Policies & Procedures

  • Research and postgraduate coordinating office follows the policies and procedures of Jimma university for Research and publication

List of Thematic Areas

I) College level Theme

Institutional Innovations and Management: Studies towards Poverty reduction, policy analyses, inequality and Development, Micro -financing and Change Management

ii) Specific Themes

  • Poverty, inequality (with respect to income distribution, gender and employment opportunities) and Development
  • Value Chain Analysis (upstream value chain analysis, downstream value chain analysis and internal organizational process
  • Entrepreneurship Development: Micro and Small Business Enterprise Development Finance, resource mobilization and Investment – both foreign direct and local investment
  • Organizational control, corporate social responsibility and Auditing Practice
  • Transformation/change management (revolutionary like BPR and evolutionary change management like total quality management and performance management)
  • Trade, industry and regional integration
  • Hospitality and sustainable tourism development and management
  • Leadership, Governance and civil service reform (BPR, etc): The impacts recorded through implementing BPR     

 Sources of Funds

  • The research conducted at BECO are financed from Government treasury in most of the times