About Research at BECO

 Profile of Research works

  • Since 2009 GC, the date of the start of research culture in our college, about 219 research topics were approved and funded from government treasury. Out of these, about 166 staffs have completed and submitted terminal reports and the majorities have published their finding in a reputable journal, presented in a conference and converted it in to community service project. The remaining 53 research topics are still going on and not completed yet.

Research and Post graduate coordination office

  • Every research undertaken at Business and Economics College is orchestrated by Office of Research and Postgraduate studies coordinator. The main objective of the office is to enhance quality Research and Postgraduate programs through effective coordination and the   formulation of demand driven research and postgraduate programs though active engagement of stakeholders   at all stages. 

 Organize stakeholders meeting to prioritize research area

  • Ensure that researches are need based and linked to academic development
  • Support and advise staff & students in the process of availing resources for Research & Postgraduate programs.
  • Work closely with Research & Ethical Review board
  • Facilitate the management of  the approved research funds
  • Facilitate public lectures, seminars and midterm reviews of research.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of research output
  • Coordinate activities  of editorial  and review board
  • Coordinates Research & Postgraduate studies at college level.

The office is accountable to the college Dean vertically and horizontally works with Respective departments and offices in the college and university.   The office also closely works with Research and Communality service vice presidents and Director of Postgraduate studies at University level.

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