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Prof. Mirkuzie Woldie


Vice President for Health and Medical Sciences

Prof. Mirkuzie was born in Butajira of Southern Ethiopia on October 1, 1978. He attended primary education in Babile Primary and Junior Secondary School, Eastern Harerge Zone. He completed high
school in 1997 Junior High School of Harari Regional State only to join Jima University as a medical student.
Prof. Mirkuzie is medical doctor who has specialized in Heath Services Management with MPH degree. He has special short term trainings in leadership, management and governance of health systems and
systematic review of research evidence to inform public health policy and practice.

Major Accomplishments:
Prof. Mirkuzie has led the continuous revision of the MPH training of students specializing in health systems management. He has pioneered the inclusion and development of several modules including
health project development and management, conflict management in the health sector, negotiation, patient safety and logical framework analysis. Prof. Mirkuzie is well known among his students in his
close follow up of their theses work to encourage them to the level of publication. He has been leading the effort to revolutionizeresearch methodologyculture in handling data collected using psychometric
measurement tools in the College of Health Sciences, Jimma University.

Prof. Mirkuzie has ample experience of serving as a lead researcher in several operational research projects funded by international organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO),
Medical Research Council (MRC) and Cordaid. He has 44 publications employing qualitative and quantitative methods on international peer-reviewed journals.

Community service:

  • He won a competitive call for conducting a multi-country study on HIV/AIDS care support. This led to the conduct of a national study titled “Community caregivers: the backbone for accessible care and support in Ethiopia”. The findings were used to inform the development of the national guidelines for care and support of people living with HIV and non-communicable chronic diseases.
  • Dr. Mirkuzie was a member of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the oxidation ponds to be constructed by Jimma University. He and his team members conducted the impact assessment and presented the findings for the community representatives, town municipality, and Jimma University officials. Dr. Mirkuzie and his team were involved in a series of consultative meetings with stakeholders in relation to the public health implication of the construction of the oxidation ponds in two areas of the town.
  • He served as a consultant for the preparation of Participant Manual and Facilitator Guide for the Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) training for Health Center and Hospital Management Teams. In this assignment he worked with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH), Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and other partners. Moreover, he is continuously supporting the LMG project as facilitator of trainings for health managers at all levels of the health system. More specifically, Dr. Mirkuzie has involved in the LMG training provided for health managers and officers for the 16 directorates of the Federal Ministry of Health and Gambella Regional Health Bureau.
  • Very recently, Dr. Mirkuzie led a team of academic staff at the department of Health Policy and Management to win a grant and deliver Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) training for health center management team members in all of the more than 100 health centers in Jimma Zone. The management team members of the first six health centers in two woredas (Dedo and Omonada) are currently receiving the training.
  • He served as the lead consultant for the national study on “Job Satisfaction, Motivation and Factors Affecting Health Workers Retention in Ethiopia” for Strengthening Human Resources for Health Project of Jhpiego, MSH, FMOH and other partners. The findings of this study were used by the FMOH for planning the development and retention of health human resources in the Health Sector Transformation Plan which is the share of the health sector in realizing the intentions of Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II).
  • As a supervisor of a team of postgraduate students Dr. Mirkuzie has identified community health and health related problems, designed interventions, mobilized resources andimplemented sustainable interventions in different kebeles of Jimma town. For instance, in 2014 his team constructed two public latrines (one with six seats and one with two seats), one water distribution point with four outlets, 500 meters access road for a health center and other smaller intervention for the community of Bocho Bore Kebele. The team led by Dr. Mirkuzie ranked first among the four teams which were simultaneously working in other kebeles.

Interesting Facts:

  • The workshops, research collaborations and international experiences provided Prof. Mirkuzie with the opportunity of building his capacity and creating networks later used for further collaboration with international organizations.

Awards, Honors and Commissions:

  • Prof. Mirkuzie has won 6 research and training projects funded by international organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), UNAIDS, Cordaid, Medical Research Council (MRC). Three of these projects were led by Prof. Mirkuzie as a principal investigator.
  • He received scholarship to attend the Colloquium on evidence based healthcare funded by the African Evidence Network (AEN) (25-28 November 2014) at the University of Johannesburg, Bunting Campus.
  • He received a full scholarship to attend the 4th Health System Research Conference (Nov. 14-19, 2016) to be held in Vancouver, Canada.
  • He also received full scholarship to be part of a student exchange between Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich, Germany and Jimma University (Feb 1-28, 2004)

a. Managerial role in projects/institutions/units, etc

  • Coordinator, the Research and Postgraduate Office, Health Sciences College, Jimma University (2014-2016).
  • Head of the Department of Training, Publication and Advocacy under the Health Sciences Research Institute of Jimma University (2008-2014).
  • Course coordinator of Master of Healthcare Administration program in the Public Health Faculty of Jimma University (Jan 2007-April 2009).
  • Worked as the Vice Head of the Team Training Program (TTP) Coordinating office of Jimma University for one year (2005-2006).

b. Participations on International Conferences/Workshops with significant roles

  • Attended the meeting of Committee of Directors of Collaborating Centers for Evidence Based Health care of JBI representing Jimma University (August 31-Sept. 5,2015).
  • Fellow of the JBI (Joanna Briggs Institute) following participation in two weeks workshop (April 30th – May 11th 2012) on evidence based public health practice at the JBI of Evidence Based Practice, Adelaide University, Australia.
  • Attended a conference on Community Home based Care in Geneva, Switzerland, as a presenter of the findings of the national study titled “Community caregivers: the backbone for accessible care and support in Ethiopia” (April 1-2, 2011).
  • Core protocol development workshop for multi-country study on the use of Community Directed Interventions (CDI) in urban areas of Africa in Mombassa, Kenya, sponsored by WHO/TDR from Jan 19 to 24, 2009.
  • One week workshop (Feb 19-25, 2009) on systematic research review sponsored by TDR/WHO and organized by the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) at the Thames Valley University, London.
  • Two weeks workshop on Researching Comprehensive Primary Health Care organized by Ottawa University (Canada) and University of Western Cape (South Africa), Cape Town, from Nov. 2 to 14, 2008.


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