Programmes for College of Business and Economics

 Under graduate Programs

  1. BA Degree in Accounting and Finance (Regular, Evening and Distance)
  2. BA Degree in Banking and Finance (Regular and Evening)
  3. BA Degree in Economics (Regular, Evening and Distance)
  4. BA Degree in Management (Regular, Evening and Distance)
  5. BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Regular)

Masters Programs

  1. MSc Degree in Accounting and Finance (Regular, Evening and Weekend)
  2. MA in Project Management and Finance (Regular, Evening and Weekend)
  3. MSc in Banking and Finance (Weekend)
  4. MSc in Developmental Economics (Regular, Weekend and Evening)
  5. MSc in Economic Policy Analysis (Regular, Evening and Weekend)
  6. MSc in Transport Economics (Ready to start)
  7. MSC in Industrial Economics (Ready to Start)
  8. MSc in Financial Economics (Ready to Start)
  9. Master’s in Business Administration (Regular, Evening, Weekend, summer)
  10. Master’s in Public Management (Regular, Evening and Weekend)
  11. Masters in Transport and Logistics Management (Regular)

PhD Programs

  1. PhD in Management
  2. PhD in Financial Economics
  3. PhD in Industrial Economics