About Management Departement

Brief overview
Department of Management, under Faculty of Business, was established in 1997/98 academic year and so far has graduated thirteen batches on regular and sixteen batches in continuing education programs.
In line with the policy of the government, the department produces graduates who are well equipped with business knowledge and skill to play enormous role in the development of the country. Management is a crucial element in economic growth of a country. It brings together the factors of production: money, machinery, men, methods, markets and material to enable the country to experience economic development. A country with enough capital, manpower and other natural resources can still be poor if it does not have competent managers to combine and coordinate the resources. In light of this, the department has been/and is working with more positive objectives that are directed towards development.

Producing high caliber professionals to cater the country’s demand for Management professionals while safeguarding high standards in teaching, research, and community based education.

Department of Management prepares individuals to provide a holism learning experience that develops exceptional Business executives / leaders to meet challenges of a complex and dynamic local, national, and global Business environment.

  • Strives to develop the whole person, this involves providing each student with opportunities, both inside and outside the class room, to develop the his/her interpersonal skills, professional competencies, ethical foundation and cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Strive to develop a strong sense of community among all of our students;
  • Provide an exceptional educational experience by integrating, theory, application, and practitioner networks.
  • Strives to develop authentic individuals who are capable of inspiring others towards a meaningful vision. This involves preparing students to be proactive, goal oriented optimistic, and professionally competent.
  • Strive to equip its students to make effective contributions to society and the economy

The objectives of the department are stated as follows:

  • To produce skilled managers who possess professional knowledge and skill to work in the dynamic environment and hence, satisfy managerial needs of organizations.
  • To provide short-term training and continuing education in the areas of management or other areas of specialization in management.
  • To provide consultancy services to business organizations, non-business organizations and the community at large.
  • To conduct applied research that will help to solve business, organizational and managerial problems.
  • To meet the demand of the various stakeholders (students, employers, the government, and the society) to the maximum possible extent.
  • To keep well-motivated staff in all academic, research and professional consultancy areas.
  • To alleviate the greater shortage of professional managers in the country by increasing the number of graduates with a good academic, behavioral and practical competence.

Future plan(strategic direction)
The department envisaged to open new degree programs in Hotel and Tourism Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, and Public and Development Management. This plan is under investigation in shaping it with the demand of the market and the directions set by the government through Ministry of Education.
With these programs to be opened, the department looks forward to build its capacity to school level and stretch the scope to its best level.

Management structure:
The department head is the managing person for every aspects of the department, under which there are permanent and temporary committees and task forces, operating under the umbrella of the department.

Admission criteria of students.
After a successful completion of preparatory program:

  • As per the regulations of Ministry of Education,
  • As per the senate legislation of the university, or
  • A pass in entrance examination set by the department.