The College currently has a number of programs. There are more than 97 academic staff and close to 25 administrative personnel engaged in the process and a student body of more than 2438 in the regular stream and 757 in continuing distance education programmes. The College graduated more than 3029 students of its regular programmes.

The College also runs programmes in Continuing and Distance Education and has successfully graduated more than 7 batches of students in the this programme. Through the programme, the College will continue to serve the surrounding community and enable development through building the capacities of organisations as well.

It will work hard to ensure change for the better, to manipulate entrepreneurs in the country and play a great role in the growth of the country.
The College is one of the old colleges in Jimma University, and its establishment plays a great role in alleviating the prevailing shortage of qualified human resources in business areas of the country.

The College was initially established as the Faculty of Business in 1997 G.C. when it accepted the first batch of students for Accounting and Business Management. Having understood the local demand for study in these fields, the College at the same time opened extension programmes as well Ten batches of students in the regular programme, seven batches of extension students at diploma level and four batches in degree programme have graduated to date.

In September 2003, the College opened two other departments: the Department of Economics and the Department of Business Education, both of which have already accepted students in their respective fields in September 2003. Thus, the College runs its teaching activities at degree level in the following fields of studies: accounting, business management, economics and business education. At diploma level the following are run: business management, accounting, and secretarial science and office management.

Furthermore, the College renders services in capacity building to various governmental and non-governmental organizations’ employees through its in-service and short-term trainings.

Currently, the College delivers education in regular programmes undergraduate and postgraduate and in the continuing and distance programmes of Accounting, Management, Business Administration and Information System. Since Jimma University introduced business process reengineering, there have been four departments for regular programmes: accounting, management, economics, and banking finance departments, whereas in postgraduate programmes the College opened a Masters of Business Administration in 2008 that graduated the first batch in 2010 and accepted the first batch of students in Accounting and Finance (MSC). In order to meet the need of the country and society, the college is going to open a Masters of Business Administration in the next summer programme.