BA Degree in Banking and Finance

Although the Department currently provides a three-year regular degree programme, it plans to start a postgraduate program in the future. In addition, an extension programme is also in the pipeline.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the graduates will be awarded:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Banking and Finance


  • To produce competent graduates with updated knowledge and skill in the fields of banking, insurance and other financial sectors
  • To encourage students to acquire and update their knowledge and skills necessary to enter the banking and finance profession 
  • To fill the gap between the theory and practical aspects of banking and finance 
  • To encourage students to conduct research in banking, insurance and the financial sector
  • To produce professionals who provide consultancy services in the area of banking, insurance and other finance sectors
  • To create and develop link with various financial institutions such as banks, insurance and finance companies and research institutions.

Only students who have successfully completed preparatory schools and passed entrance examinations prepared by the Ministry of Education for universities shall be admitted.

Graduates of the Department are of special advantage to employers since they have a profound knowledge of banking, insurance and finance and can handle duties assigned to them in all areas. They are capable of conducting economic and financial analysis required for sound decision-making. Project preparation, monitoring and evaluation activities are also within their domain. Furthermore, they are able to conduct research activities in any institution. The comprehensive knowledge they acquire in all disciplines highly qualifies them to serve in financial institutions, NGOs, governmental and private business organisations.