MSc Degree

MSc Degree Programme
Applicants are expected to have a first degree in economics, business management, accounting, statistics or other related disciplines. Basic economic knowledge is required for successful completion of the programme. Hence, applicants who have completed their undergraduate study in economics and the aforementioned disciplines can join the MSc programme. Since a strong economics background is required, the applicants will be asked to take an entrance examination. Besides this, students may be required to document their English language proficiency when deemed necessary.

Application Fee and Other Payments
As far as the application fee and other payments are concerned, the necessary information can be obtained from office of the main registrar upon request.

Graduate Profile
After successful completion of the program, graduates of the program are believed to be engaged in the following tasks:

  • Conducting scientific research and development activities and working in research institutions
  • Working as instructors in higher education institutions
  • Giving consultancy services in areas related to economics 
  • Being employed in government, non-governmental, and private organisations to work on  planning and economic analysis at any level
  • Starting their own businesses