Workshops, Seminars and Policy Dialogues

ABLI will play an important role in bringing together and networking the university, government and business communities through hosting of workshops, seminars and policy dialogues. Workshops and seminars will take the form of master classes in which leading experts will share their knowledge, insights and expertise in sessions focusing on specific topics in agricultural value chains. Master class sessions should target agricultural value chain leaders and address specific challenges encountered in the sector by exposing participants to new ideas and thinking, with a focus on the application of knowledge to real-world problems. These are typically one-day seminars (but it may be held over a longer period, depending on the topic/ issue covered) and may include visiting speakers, field visits, panel discussions and classroom sessions.

Policy dialogues are seminars held on a monthly basis to raise, explore and interrogate key themes, debates and issues related to policy and governance in agricultural value chains. The purpose of the policy dialogue sessions is to bring together researchers, experts, practitioners and public officials to examine and analyse policy and governance issues, challenges and explore possible solutions from an evidence-based perspective. The aim is to produce policy relevant proposals and options for supporting growth and competitiveness in the sector.

Addis Ababa, as a centre playing host to the majority of private sector institutions, organisations and firms, as well as key public sector organisations, offers a good location for delivery of most of the short courses, workshops, seminars and policy dialogues.